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This website was created by Victoria Rick

Thank you for participating

The whole entire world, infinite knowledge and even our family and friends are in a little light up box accessible with just 1 tap – how is anyone able to concentrate?!

I think I’ve managed to find the only subject where procrastination can become practice itself so I got swept up in ‘becoming’ the technology, whilst questioning what the internet actually IS, and how it’s subconsciously changing our lives. Is there beauty in the way we scroll, tap and click the time away?

My current practice is a playful online installation that explores how common online experiences, such as AI, clickbait and relationships reflect modern day identity using contemporary website-based art experiments. Through audience participation, visitors become active contributors within the artwork, experiencing and reciprocating instructions- an online ‘journey’.

The installation encourages viewers to question their own behaviors and the ethical implications of digital manipulation, ultimately sparking a dialogue about the impact of the online world on our lives.

The work can be found on a website called ‘’. The website name, purposely created to sound a little suspicious, reflects a common occurrence within internet usage/signing up to website services/apps, where users are often prompted to start a free trial for a limited period in the hopes they will stay.

Find the latest updates at and, unless you’re a robot.

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